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The Story of PASH

Dear Friend of P.A.S.H.

Paradise Animal Shelter Helpers (P.A.S.H.) had its very humble beginnings in 1986 when two ladies, Margaret Schwenger and Joan Anderson collected blankets so the dogs at the then new Paradise Animal Shelter could have a soft, warm place to sleep. As with many good deeds this one didn't go unpunished. The two then noted that there was no laundry at the shelter with which to clean the soiled blankets. So, for the next few months they took it home and laundered it on a weekly basis of up to 30 loads per week. Whew, now that's dedication.

At the first Town of Paradise council meeting, in April of 1986, they ask permission to hold a fundraiser in which the proceeds would go to purchase a washing machine and a dryer. Permission was granted and plans were made.

about us

Through the generosity of the community and local merchants they raised enough money to purchase the washer and dryer. Oops - There was no place at the shelter to accommodate the laundry equipment. Once again they called upon the community and were able to raise enough money to pay for concrete and masonry construction, plumbing, and electrical hook-ups. These improvements were only the beginning.

For the next few years, P.A.S.H grew and was able to make a greater contribution to the wellbeing of the animals at the shelter. Sleeping pads for the dogs were obtained, a small air conditioning unit was installed in the cat room and a hot-water heater was purchased.

Volunteers were recruited and the group grew. They had enough other people interested in volunteering at the Paradise Animal Shelter that it was decided they should incorporate; in 1989 they received their tax exempt , 501(c) 3 status. Membership grew until today P.A.S.H. is the largest animal support group on the ridge.

During the mid 1990's P.A.S.H. donated thousands of hours of work to help maintain shelter operations. At that time the Town of Paradise was having financial difficulties and lay-offs. To keep the shelter in operation P.A.S.H. volunteers filled in and worked in the office answering the phone and tending normal office routine, issuing licenses and adopting out animals. Volunteers cleaned the kennels, fed, exercised and socialized the animals. This released the animal control officers to tend to their other duties as related to animal control and public safety.

There are two separate, but mutually supportive groups concerned with the operation of our local shelter and the welfare of the animals on the ridge. The two groups are: Paradise Animal Shelter and Paradise Animal Shelter Helpers. Each group has its own goals and means of financing.

Paradise Animal Control (and the animal shelter) is a department of the Paradise Police Dept. Its main goals are to perform animal control (policing) functions: issue citations, write dog bite incident reports, enforce leash laws, rabies control, dog licensing, and to perform those duties and supply the personnel necessary for the basic care of the animals at the shelter ( feeding, cleaning, etc.). They also manage the shelter adoptions. Please check out the online adoption information for the shelter at www.petharbor.com or Google "Paradise Animal Shelter".

about us

The majority of funding for the shelter and animal control comes from a special tax which was tax-payer approved by "Measure N" in 2004. Other sources of funding for the Paradise Animal Shelter come from adoptions, impounds, licensing and donations.

Donations and fees paid to the Paradise Animal Shelter may be used to maintain the building and vehicles, pay salaries and employee retirement.

Paradise Animal Shelter Helpers (P.A.S.H.) is a non-profit, all volunteer group whose main function is to provide for the welfare of the animals of Paradise once they reach the shelter, and to assist the community with its animal welfare needs. Funding for P.A.S.H. is provided by the generosity of the community through donations.

Donations made to Paradise Animal Shelter Helpers (P.A.S.H.) are used for the direct care of the animals. P.A.S.H. is a 100% volunteer organization; we have no paid employees.

We support the efforts of the town and we work closely with the Paradise Animal Shelter to benefit the animals of the ridge. We help the town by providing for the animals beyond the level which the town would otherwise be able to provide. We contribute to the animals wellbeing by purchasing medicines and vaccines. We pay for the spay/neutering of animals when adopted . We purchases any supplements or specific foods to meet the special dietary need of shelter guests, such as food for puppies and kittens during season . We are proud of our fostering program in which volunteers care for animals whose condition prevents them from staying at the shelter. We provide all of the creature comforts for the animals such as: sleeping pads, blankets (and the washer and dryer to keep them clean), toys, and walking leashes, misting foggers for cooling.

In addition to our efforts at the shelter we sponsor a number of programs that directly benefit the citizens of the ridge. We provide funding for hardship cases to help citizens on the ridge care for injured or acutely ill animals. The Sarah Fund helps unite senior animals with senior citizens, by paying for any necessary medical treatments required during the life-time of the animal. Our spay/neuter program helps reduce the cost of adoption making it more affordable; at $26.00, the dog adoption fee at our shelter is quite heavily discounted relative to the cost of adoptions at other shelters in the area.

P.A.S.H. works closely with other groups in the community to promote animal welfare and animal related events. For years we have worked with the Gold Nugget Museum in presenting the Doggone Doggie Contest. We enjoyed working with Paradise Recreation and Parks Department in creating the Lezlie Morrow Memorial Dog Park and other projects. We work with local businesses to provide "satellite adoption centers" such as those located at Skyway Feed.

We thank you for your support.

Paradise Animal Shelter Helpers