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I thought this was a good time to write everyone and wish them a Happy New Year. We hope that next year will be better than the last. Like most of you, we lost our home. We are in the process of trying to decide what we are going to do with the rest of our lives. As for PASH, it will continue to go forward. We have already donated $25,000.00 to Valley Oak and North Valley animal disaster group. These funds are to help the animals injured by the fire and those displaced by the fire. Your donations have been greatly appreciated. The Shelter is open and is housing animals. We are hoping that people will start coming in to adopt as well as volunteers to assist in the exercising of the animals. We hope to have more information on the Shelter in the coming months.

PASH, like many of you, lost our phone line which we have now replaced. That number is 530-519-4193.

If you need assistance in the medical treatment of your animals you may call the above number. We will continue to do everything we can to help the animals at the shelter and on the ridge. Again, I wish all of you a very Happy New Year.

Rick McCormick
PASH President

We are a group of dedicated volunteers who give hundreds of hours each year to help the Shelter animals with their needs. We help the shelter with laundry, grounds upkeep, walking, grooming, and exercising the animals. We pay for the cost of spaying or neutering of all animals upon adoption. We are at the shelter to be of service to all the animals.

We do not set policy at the Shelter.

We do not make decisions for the Shelter.

SARAH FUND: If you are 62 or over, and are adopting an animal that is 8+ years, you may qualify for this fund. PASH will pay for the initial exam. Each trip to the vet is approved on a per-visit basis.

HARDSHIP: If you are unable because of financial circumstances to pay for your pet's medical needs, PASH may to able to defray some of the costs. This is on a per visit basis.

PAL (PREVENT-A-LITTER) PASH can assist in the spaying or neutering of your animal, even if you do not adopt it from the shelter.